All the companies across the globe have business cards to promote themselves. However, there is a problem to that. Stats show that, in the United States alone, 27 million business cards are printed daily and 10 billion annually. Out of these 10 billion cards, 88% are just thrown away or lost, never to be used again. That renders 9 out of 10 business cards useless and a substantial amount of money wasted.

MeconoMorph is a unique and a beautiful concept which aims at preventing the cards as well as the money spent on them from being wasted. And to achieve this aim, a hi-fi technique is not used. Simply cards are used to make businesses grow, promote and become visible to the world.

MeconoMorph is created by combining the concepts of 3D design and architecture, basic math and geometry while sugar-coating them with a tinge of creativity. The Mecons are morphed in such a way which allows them to grow and look attractive and appealing at the same time.


Before we continue, let us understand what mecons are. Mecons are truncated octahedrons. A 14-Sided Truncated Octahedron (aka Mecon) is the only Archimedean solid that is able to create an endlessly repeating closely packed group. The term was coined by Richard Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller, an inventor of the geodesic dome.

A Meconomorph simply consists of two intertwined halves built from 36 business cards each. The halves are mirror reflections of each other. They are flexible and don’t support any significant load. After they are intertwined together, these halves make a very solid and a strong strucuture like a real fullerene which can withstand a far greater load than its own weight. This simple concept prevents the cards from being wasted or just thrown in the bin and the cards remain intact forever. Business cards are preserved and an artistic touch is added whereever a meconmorph is placed. And this never runs out of space. New business cards can be added at will.

This is how a mecon looks like. Several mecons form a meconomorph.

MeconoMorph was invented and created by Viktor Genel. He is an inventor born in Russia but lives in United States since 1990. His belief about creativity is simple: “A day without a new creation is lost forever”. It is this simple belief that has led him to come up with a unique and a marvellous idea of meconomorphs and carve a niche in the artistic world. However, he does not consider himself to be an inventor. He, according to him is simply an “an explorer of the wonders of the Universe.”


In an interview with Michael Luchies, he explained how his ability to carve something out of nothing dates back to his childhood, “Since my early childhood I have been amazed by tessellations - periodic parquets filling a plane with no cracks. I used to play with pieces of bread, crackers, cheese and such, exploring all of the possibilities.”


MeconoMorph is the most cost effective and innovative marketing tool to promote and enhance businesses. Businesses always place artworks in their offices to provide a certain aesthetic appeal. Meconomorph can kill two birds with one stone: provide aesthetic appeal as well as promote the business. The meconomorph is so beautifully carved that no one will be able to walk past them without having a good first look. And to achieve this purpose, participation is needed……of your business cards.


So, now you have to decide whether you want to kill two birds with one stone or be content with killing one stone.


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